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Appraiser     Primary Counties City


Aruti Kabel

Primary:    Manhattan

New York City

P: 212-472-9128
Residential & Commercial

Secondary: None


F: 212-472-9128
EDI Ready / FHA / VA




ad expires: 12/16/07 Company:   AAAAPPLE Appraisals               Cell: 917-516-3323
Appraiser     Primary Counties City


Erwin Schneider

Primary:    Columbia


P: 518-828-3587

Secondary: Greene


F: 518-822-9282
EDI Ready / FHA


Web site

cell: 518-929-2025

ad expires: 8/3/07 Company:   EAS Appraisal Services                    
Appraiser     Primary Counties City


Julie Moore

Primary:    Saratoga

Clifton Park

P: 518-373-0507
Residential & Commercial

Secondary: Schenectady


F: 518-383-1621
EDI Ready / FHA / VA


Web site


ad expires: 12/20/06 Company:   Evaluations, Inc.                        


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New York real estate appraisers

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